Used needles found near Jefferson County school bus stop

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – A disturbing discovery. Used needles located just feet from a Jefferson County school bus stop.

It happened at Highway 141 and Fiedler Lane near Fenton. The needles were found right by a stop sign.

Two parents say they saw blood and a brown substance on one of the needles. While the needles have been disposed of, many are troubled that the needles were found so close to a bus stop.

“There’s, like, five needles just [lying] there and I was pretty shocked about it,” said parent Ashley Mantia.

She was among the first to find the needles on Wednesday morning.

Ashley was walking her 5-year-old son to the bus stop for his first day of kindergarten when she saw the needles.

“I had to explain to my son that, you know, you can’t touch them or step on them or go near them, you know, so it’s pretty sad that you have to tell your small child stuff about that,” she said.

The disturbing discovery was even more troubling for Ashley and her fiancé, Mark – they are both recovering heroin addicts.

“Somebody gets poked with it, who knows what could happen,” Mark Brister said.

The needles were found very close to a bus stop for kids from Meramec Heights Elementary.

Several people at the stop Friday afternoon knew about the needles, including Holly Meador, who was picking up her nephew.

“It frustrates me because that should not be around kids whatsoever,” she said.

Fox 2 learned a woman picked up the needles Friday morning, put them in a container, and took them to the nearby Saline Valley Fire Protection District headquarters. No injuries were reported.

Battalion Chief Bill Modrosic spoke about the dangers that the needles pose.

“You can puncture your skin and then if there’s any kind of communicable disease on the needle, you can introduce it to yourself and become sick yourself,” he said.

Fox C-6 spokesperson JP Prezzavento says district officials were just made aware of the situation earlier Friday when a parent called Meramec Heights.

A district released statement reading, in part, “Student safety and security is our top priority and we will always investigate any concerns and alert the proper authorities.”

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