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VALLEY PARK, MO (KTVI) – The small Apprende Private School in Valley Park will open the doors of their new location Tuesday morning after flooding forced them out of their longtime location for nearly one year.

“It was either we had to make it or go out of business and we really didn’t want to end this after this many years” said Headmaster Dr. Gerry Munger.

One year ago, flood waters destroyed homes, businesses and livelihoods in Valley Park and surrounding areas. Apprende was no exception to the devastation.

“It was devastating” said Munger. “It took us probably three months just to get through there to see if there was anything worthwhile- it wasn’t- it was devastating to us and everyone in the area” he said.

After working out of a temporary location for nearly 8 months, Munger is ready to open the doors of the school’s new permanent location. The facility will allow the school to double its enrollment and offer a new space to call home once again.

“One year ago today I would not have imagined that we could be able to do this” said Munger. “But we didn’t do it alone, we had a lot of people to help us” he said.

Munger says the school will be enrolling students Tuesday as well.