Vandals spray paint graffiti on South City church

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ST. LOUIS – Vandals target a Catholic Church in south St. Louis which is known for its special Lenten Fish Fry.

Maria Escamilla is a parishioner at St. Cecilia, “I feel sad and they hurt my feelings.”

Neighbors said graffiti appeared overnight on the church. At one spot It says “I heart Satan.” At another place “Hail Satan.” People arriving for evening mass saw it.

“I think it`s just bad people they probably hate God,” said Escamilla.

St. Cecelia`s is known across the St. Louis area for its Lenten fish fry. It offers many Mexican dishes. The church parish is made up of many Hispanics.  Everyone is wondering who would vandalize the church.

Colin Sullivan who lives across the street from the church said, “I don`t feel it`s a hate group, it just might be kids messing.”

“You can tell something`s wrong with them mentally, they probably need some help or we definitely need to pray for them,” said Yarnell Sampson.

Police were notified about the vandalism Wednesday morning.

“We`re in America in the 21st century and unfortunately things like this still occur,” said Sampson.

The Archdiocese released a statement that said in part: “While we cannot speak to why someone would do this, we are praying for them.”

And, so are the people at St. Cecilia.

“Because they need God in their heart,” said Escamilla.

No arrest has been made.


Response from the Archdiocese of St. Louis:


“The Archdiocese of St. Louis is aware of the act of vandalism that occurred at St. Cecilia Parish in St. Louis. The parish leadership is currently working with authorities, and security camera footage is being reviewed. While we cannot speak to why someone would do this, we are praying for them.”

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