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BALLWIN, Mo. – The Ballwin Police Department is investigating a colorful crime – homes and cars in the New Ballwin Oaks subdivision have been hit with paintballs.

Ballwin police have counted eight acts of paintball vandalism so far, but that’s just documenting the folks who have reported this to the police. If you talk to the residents on New Ballwin Oaks, they said at least a dozen houses were hit last week.

“[My] first impression was I was annoyed,” said Ballwin resident Bob Tisone. “Why would somebody hit our house and our neighbor’s house as well?”

Police haven’t seen severe damage, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t taking the matter seriously.

If officers get the suspects down to the station, they could be looking at charges for damaging property.

Tisone and the Ballwin both have an idea about who the paint shooters could be.

“I think it’s kids being kids. For the most part they went for the garages instead of pumpkins or windows,” Tisone said.

Homeowners said the paint washed off in about three minutes; they’re more upset about the principle of this whole thing.

If it is true teens are responsible, Tisone said he would have a speech ready for them at the kitchen table.

“Would you like if this happened to your house — that would be my first statement,” Tisone said. “Then I’d have them go and apologize to each of the houses that were hit.”

Meanwhile, Ballwin police are asking anyone with information or surveillance footage to give them a call.