Fans leave Blues games to find cars broken into


ST. LOUIS — A night cheering on the St. Louis Blues at Enterprise Center turned into a night of headache for multiple victims of car vandalism. 

One of the victims, who asked not to be named, said he saw about 10 cars, including his, broken into or damaged after the home game on Oct. 28.

“We came back and saw that multiple cars had been broken into,” he said. “I love to come to the games, but I can’t run the risk of getting my car broken into.”

His car has eight chips and a large crack in the drivers’ side windows, where it appears someone tried to break in. He said he didn’t have anything valuable in his vehicle, but that didn’t stop someone from allegedly trying to get in.

The ticket he received after parking in the lot, between 16th and 18th streets is owned by St. Louis Parking. The back of the victim’s ticket says, “We assume no liability, express or implied for fire, theft, or damage in any case to your automobile.”

St. Louis Parking and the Blues Organization did not respond to requests for comment.

“When you look at the back of the ticket it says we are not responsible for any damages to the vehicle and that’s fine you can have that liability waiver it’s what it’s called, what it doesn’t say and this may be the only hope for the individual, it doesn’t say you agree to release us from its own negligence,” Attorney Jay Kanzler with  Witzel, Kanzler & Dimmitt, LLC said.

One of the victims believes he may have a case of just that.

“There was someone in the attendant booth taking the money and they were not here when we got back,” he said.

He said after the break-ins, a manager of the lot talked with them. The victim claims the manager said there was an attendant that didn’t show up for a shift.

“I feel like if the attendant were here it might have deterred them from breaking in and damaging my car,” he said.

St. Louis Metro Police Department said they have received 5 reports where victims mentioned they parked in the same lot, a nearby lot, or on the street, to attend a St. Louis Blues game and when they came back, their windows were damaged and/or items were stolen out of their cars.

That number only includes the number of times police reports were filed. The victim in the October 28 case said they didn’t file one because of a long response time.

“We called the police and they said we would have to with up to an hour for someone to get down,” he said.

The victim said he would like St. Louis Parking to refund his $25 parking fee and/or pay his deductible to get his vehicle fixed.

He said he’s talked with the St. Louis Parking owner and Director of operations who have said no to the refund. 

“It’s going to take a little bit of time to build up the want and need to go back to a Blues game or a Cardinals game or downtown in general,” he said.

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