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A beating caught on camera in Springfield, Missouri. Police need help identifying the suspects.

Meredith Cole says an altercation with a group of men outside a club on a Friday night two weeks ago started the fight.

“We were at the Outland Ballroom he was working he was DJing a rap show there.” said attack victim Meredith Cole.

Cole and her boyfriend Alex Vessey then went into a nearby bank alley with the group about midnight and that’s when it turned violent.

“They just all turned around and attacked Alex.” said Meredith Cole.

“As soon as we started walking that way about halfway down they jumped on top of me.  She tried to get them off my and they assaulted her too.” said attack victim Alex Vessey.

“We think they were just one of the rap groups that were at the Outland Ballroom.” said Meredith Cole.

Police are now looking for suspects and information from anyone who might have seen the attack.

“I wasn’t scared I was just mad that it was happening. Kind of unbelievable that people act like that.” said Alex Vessey.

“Hopefully they will get arrested and they’re not going to do that to anybody else.” said Meredith Cole.

By: Laura Kennedy