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Memphis, TN (CNN) – A new resident to Memphis thought he was recording a flash mob, but it was more violent than that.

Lauren Squires reports.

(Victim, Not Identified) “Being new to the city, I don’t know where I can and where I can’t go.”

This man, who asked us not to identify him…was on his way in to Kroger Saturday night.

When he saw a large crowd in the parking lot.

He thought they may be a part of a flash mob.

(Victim, Not Identified) “As I was starting to get my camera open, a guy popped around a car and said ‘hey bro’ and just started swinging at me. And I tried to put my hands up, another guy started rushing at me. I took off running backwards through the parking lot.”

Video captured on an employee’s cell phone shows him.

(Victim, Not Identified) “If you watch the video they say ‘oh they’re jacking, they’re getting that white guy.”

“I’m that white guy.”

You can see him here…shorts and blue shirt…pushing several teens out of the way and running into the store.

(Victim, Not Identified) “I had run clear in through the door. I was at the fruit aisle. And I turned back to see if they were still following me. So immediately I pulled out my phone and called 911. ”

Thankfully, he was not injured but when he watched the video on Facebook he was extremely frustrated.

(Victim, Not Identified) “It was nonsense violence. I can say that for sure. It seemed very unprovoked. They weren’t about anything, that it was fun for them. They were out having a good time. They were all smiling they were laughing.”

Laughing as they knocked out a 17-year-old employee kicked him in the head and threw pumpkins on top of him.

He says several employees were filming the incident but one man seen at the end of the video knocked out stepped in to defend him and the teen.

He’s grateful no one was seriously injured but says someone has to be held accountable for this behavior.

(Victim, Not Identified) “I felt like my life was threatened and I was lucky to get away. But what is it gonna take.”