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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – Ferguson police Friday released security camera video from a market not far from the shooting seen.  According to police reports, it shows a robbery that happened just minutes before Michael Brown was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer.  Police requested the information after a request from FOX2 and other media outlets through the Sunshine Law.  They say after reviewing the video to see if anyone else should be charged, they decided to abide by the law and release the video and the police reports.

The following information is based on police reports given to FOX2 Friday.  The video show who police say is Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson inside the Ferguson Market.  Brown told the clerk he wanted cigars.  As the clerk put the cigars on the counter, Brown grabbed a box of swisher sweets cigars and handed them to Johnson.  The clerk told Brown he had to pay for the cigars first.  Brown reached across the counter and grabbed numerous packs of cigars.  He then headed for the door.  The clerk says he was trying to lock the door so Brown couldn’t leave with the cigars.  The video shows Brown grab the clerk and forcefully push him away.  The clerk tried to stop him again.  Brown turned and walked aggressively toward the employee.  As the clerk backed away, Brown and Johnson left.  The report says the clerk called police.