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MOORE, OK – A mother and baby fled their home just minutes before it was destroyed by Monday’s tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. Rebecca Vitsmun was prepared to ride out the tornado with her 19-month-old son Andrew in the bathtub of her home. But she panicked about ten minutes before it hit, jumped in her car and drove away.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked if she “Thanked the Lord” for coming out of the tornado safely. Rebecca Vitsmun that she is an Atheist and does not blame anyone for the natural disaster. The interview on live TV got a little awkward from that point.

She told CNN she later drove back to her destroyed home and reunited with her husband who had been out on the road.

“I just went, ‘Bryan! Bryan!’ And he just run up and then we both cried and hugged. It was actually really cute, because when we hug, we all three hug and Andrew always says, ‘awe.’ said Rebecca Vitsmun.

Vitsmun says her husband thought she and her son were buried in the debris of their home.

24 people, including nine children, were killed when the massive tornado hit Monday afternoon.