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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Two tragedies in one location brought family and friends of the victims together Friday night and a call for more attention toward the issue of crosswalk safety.

Amber Wood was killed four years ago crossing Broadway at Gratiot. Bapi Gupta was killed in 2015 at the same intersection. No one has been charged in Wood’s death. There is a $10,000 reward in the case. Police did make arrests in Gupta’s death, though; investigators said the driver was traveling 80 to 90 miles per hour on Broadway.

The group handed out fliers encouraging others to focus on safety.

“We’re here to try and educate, and to try and get the city to enforce the speed limits and to enforce the laws that are on the books right now,” said Chris Kuban, a spokesman for the Bicycle and Pedestrian Initiative group.

Wood’s mother was also part of a group handing out fliers Friday night. This week marked the 4-year anniversary of her daughter’s death.

“This is not a group of people that got together saying, ‘Oh, let’s join a club,’” said Georgie Busch, Wood’s mother. “This is something I wake up to and fall asleep to every single day of my life.”

Busch said she has testified before Missouri lawmakers seeking tougher penalties for hit and run drivers. She is also hoping Missouri will pass a law requiring drivers to stop for pedestrians in crosswalk.

“In nine states in the U.S., you do have to stop,” said Busch. “What we want to do is help change those laws here.”

For more information on the Bicycle and Pedestrian Initiative, visit or call 314-603-2866.