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HANLEY HILLS, MO (KTVI) – The Village of Hanley Hills invited its community to join them Sunday for an effort to keep kids safe from violence involving guns.  Trustees joined St. Louis County Police officers and the group Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice for gun lock giveaway.

It was August 25th when 21-month-old Carter Epps died after pulling the trigger on a gun left inside his grandmother’s Hanley Hills home.

“This young life and so many others are being snuffed out without reason or cause,” said Hanley Hills trustee Annette Harrison.   She helped organize Sunday’s vigil.

Barbara Finch helped hand out gun locks from her organization, Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice.

“There are thousands of children in homes in St. Louis where there are unsecured guns,” said Finch.  “It’s not healthy.  It’s not safe.  We can do better.”​

There are no charges in the death of Epps.  St. Louis County Police are still trying to talk with the boy’s father, Corey Epps.  They consider him a person of interest.