Volunteers haul away tons of trash from River Des Peres

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ST. LOUIS - Hundreds of people removed tons of trash Saturday from the River Des Peres and streams and creeks that flow into it.

It was the 17th annual River Des Peres Trash Bash. Volunteers arrived early Saturday morning at Wilmore Park in South St. Louis. Some came equipped with the tools they need to pick up the trash.

Jazmin Garrett volunteered for her second year in a row, “I feel strongly about cleaning up our earth this is the only one we have we have to make sure we're keeping it clean and making it sure we have a good thing to pass along to feature generations,” said Jazmin Garrett.

And the Trash Bash can save wildlife. Roland Biehl is an MSD Engineer, “Small items like plastic bags can get wrapped around animals like turtle and ducks,” said Biehl.

For some folks, it’s a family affair, a teaching moment for the kids.

Rick Pesek brought his son, “It’s important for them to learn to clean up their environment take care of everything, take care of nature and it teaches them to be better people,” said Pesek.

Volunteers filled up a lot of these bags, last year they hauled in ten tons of garbage about a third of that was recycled. They do discover some unusual things, “We found a prosthetic leg with a shoe on it. We found a samurai sword a couple years ago. We find old cell phones,” said Biehl.


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