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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -St. Louis Metropolitan Police announced results of gunshot residue tests, regarding the case of last week’s police shooting on Shaw. Vonderrit Myers Jr died after a confrontation with an off-duty officer who was working secondary security.

The GSR report (gunshot residue) from the Missouri Highway Patrol revealed residue on Myers’ right hand, t-shirt, jeans and belt.

This follows our exclusive Fox Files report Monday, where we showed pictures posted of Myers from Instagram. He was showing off handguns. An attorney for the officer who shot and killed Myers confirmed the man pictured as suspect Myers. He also confirmed the gun depicted with a silver slide as the one Myers used October 8th. Another photo from Instagram appears to show Myers holding that gun. The Instagram post was dated two days before the shooting.

St. Louis Police Officer’s Association Business Manager Jeff Roorda said, “With regards to the firearm that`s depicted on social media, there would have to have been an incredible conspiracy for the officer to pull off, as it`s been alleged, throwing down or planting a gun that just happened to match the gun portrayed on social media.”

Roorda also announced that suspect Myers was certified as an adult when he was 16, after being arrested for shooting someone in the leg. Myers was not convicted.

Roorda, along with attorney Brian Millikan and Association President Joe Steiger, also explained the gunshot residue report, released by SLMPD just before the news conference. Millikan said the residue found on Myers’ waist band area is consistent with the suspect shooting down at the officer as Fox2 reported Monday night. Roorda added, “It was clearly Vonderrit Myers’ intent to kill a police officer.”

Read the entire police report here.