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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri voters overwhelmingly approved Amendment 2 on Tuesday, making it the 31st state in the country to adopt medical marijuana legislation.

Heading into the midterm elections, one of the more fascinating decisions facing state voters was the issue of medical marijuana. Missouri had three competing ballot measures to approve medical marijuana but only one could become the law of the land.

The differences between those measures—Amendments 2 and 3, and Prop C—are listed below:

Amendment 2

  • Taxes marijuana sales at 4%
  • Spends revenue on health care services for veterans and others in need
  • Allow patients to grow their own medicinal marijuana
  • Department of Health would regulate the money
  • “New Approach Missouri” is the primary group behind this proposal

Amendment 3

  • Tax marijuana sales at 15%, plus other taxes
  • Creates a marijuana research center. Dr. Brad Bradshaw would oversee the governing board
  • Find The Cures is the primary group behind the campaign

Proposition C

  • Taxes medical marijuana sales at 2%
  • The money would go to treatment for veterans, drug treatment, education & public safety
  • Division of Liquor Control would help manage the program
  • Missourians for Patient Care is group leading the campaign

Voters shot down Proposition C and Amendment 3. Even if Prop C and Amendment 3 passed, the constitutional amendments would have taken precedence, with the amendment receiving the most “yes” votes becoming law.