Wait times finally shorten at Collinsville dispensary after marijuana legalization

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COLLINSVILLE, IL - After the law legalizing recreational marijuana sales in Illinois went into effect, the attraction to a Collinsville dispensary has been ongoing.

Lines were still lingering at HCI alternatives Saturday night, people purchasing pot products say the wait now is closer to 20 minutes rather than the up to four hours they spent on New Year’s Day.

“It was awesome walking in there,” one customer said. “I saw a lot of people it was a great feeling walking inside of being able to buy it legally and not worry about other stuff.”

With $3.2 million in sales on day one alone across the state, people in the community say they can see this being a positive opportunity to bring money into local businesses, boosting the economy both locally and statewide.

Many people didn’t want to be seen on camera picking up their packages, but one customer talked about the impact legalization has had in other states.

“I was in Colorado a few times, and what they did in Colorado is amazing. The highways are nice, everything is clean, more businesses are open, and there are fewer homeless people,” the customer said.

The start was so strong earlier this week, the business ran out of products and even had to cut the line off before closing. Many customers are pleased to see the lines finally start to shorten.

“The first day it was open, there was traffic everywhere around here,” the customer said. “You couldn’t even get past here, and there was a line going all the way in the back. I’m glad I finally got my turn today.


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