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COLUMBUS, GA – A Georgia waitress is being honored for her honesty. She found an envelope full of cash at the restaurant she works at, and she quickly did the right thing.

Kantessa Smith, also known as Tessa, has worked at Country’s Barbecue for about four years.

“Tessa tells me she came here to Country’s for a normal day at work having no idea she would find so much money on the table.” said Tesia Reed.

“I had to bus tables off to clean the tables and I seen a bunch of trash on the tables so I tried to grab it but when I grabbed it, it wouldn’t bend, so they threw me off the trash bin. So I opened it and I saw a lot of money in an envelope so I just went and found my manager.” said Tessa Smith.

“How much money did you find?” said Tesia Reed.

“$1,300,” said Tessa Smith.

The single mother with two kids found 13, $100 bills on the table and turned the money in.

“Growing up we were always taught if you find something that’s not yours to give it back.” said Tessa Smith.

Then it turned into a social media hunt to find the rightful owners.

“We got cameras everywhere so we found the time that they came and the time that they left. And we went in the office and we found them on the camera and zoomed in on the camera and we took pictures and posted it on Facebook to see if anybody would notice them.” said Tessa Smith.

Country’s posted a picture on their Facebook page and it spread like wildfire, with multiple shares and comments, and the couple was finally located.