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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Several FOX 2 viewers have called in say they saw something fly over the area at around 11:40am.  Meterologist Angela Hutti captured something on one of our cameras stationed at Eckert’s Farm in Belleville.  Others report seeing the object  across the viewing area.

Tom Stolze posted a video of what he is calling a meteor to YouTube today.  He writes, “Our outdoor camera caught footage of a meteor today to the NW of O’Fallon, MO located west of St. Louis, MO.”

Rich Loeschner writes, “I believe I just saw a small meteor fall somewhere by St. Charles. I was driving west bound on 370 when I saw a streak of light come straight down and went out about 200 yard in the air. I thought I heard a faint explosion. Looked like a small firework but very bright!”

Quinton LeJeune sent this message to FOX 2, “I seen the meteor just northwest of Moscow mills from hwy U/ us 61 it was really cool it was green blue red and yellow”

“I saw what I thought was a flair in Clayton about the time others were reporting the meteor. It looked to be right over Brentwood Blvd and Forest Park express way. wrote Denise Hayes Bolds.

“I saw that flash of light today around 11:40am near page and Lindbergh. I wasn’t sure what it was.” Tashishia posted to FOX 2’s Facebook messages.

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