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WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Despite many members of the White House staff already testing positive for the coronavirus, President Trump tweeted earlier Monday that he would be returning to Pennsylvania Avenue after a stint at the Walter Reed Medical Center.

According to the president’s physician, Dr. Sean Conley, Trump has not displayed worsening symptoms.

“Over past 24 hours, the President continued to improve, met or exceeded all hospital discharge criteria,” said Conley. When asked by a reporter how it was deemed safe for Trump to return to the White House given the circumstances, Dr. Conley replied, “We’ve worked with our infectious disease experts to make some recommendations for how to keep everything safe.”

Trump’s exit from the hospital would come as COVID-19 continues to spread through the White House. On Monday, Press Secretary Kaleigh McEnany revealed she tested positive for the virus — less than 24 hours after speaking one-on-one with reporters without a mask. At least 26 people who have been around President Trump or his closest aids have produced positive tests.

Representative Raul Ruiz (D-CA)–who is also a doctor–questioned the decision to discharge the President so quickly.

“[He is leaving] without the guarantee that he is no longer going to be a risk for not for his family, but for the coworkers and the security detail and everybody who has to be around him,” said Ruiz. “[It] is mind boggling to me.”

Democratic nominee Joe Biden has continued to turn up negative results for the coronavirus. He insisted Monday that if scientists say it is safe to debate, he will participate.