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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – When you think about the winter in St. Louis it’s cold and dark; especially for students at Washington University. They spend time sitting at Kayaks Coffee and walking from the campus along Skinker to the Loop.  Now that walk has a whole new feel.

The university installed and spent $2 million dollars on 104 new 10 foot tall pedestrian lights. They also bought security cameras and 6 emergency phones. Washington University official Cheryl Adelstein says the lights enhance both sides of Skinker between Forest Park Parkway and Delmar. The lights officially came on last week.

“We thought it would be a terrific community improvement to put in pedestrian lights because so many people use students and the public walk up and down Skinker.” said Adelstein.

Tim Smith with Kayak’s Coffee lives and works in the area, he says the lights give an old time feel to missing from the community.

“I think it brings back old look of St. Louis, the cobble streets and lamp posts. It makes the street look really nice. It’s better for safety around here so I was really happy to see them go in.” said Smith.

Officials say the beautification project took two years to complete. They also worked with the City of St. Louis and nearby neighborhoods to make it happen. The lights are led and will be set to seasonal timers.

“This street was originally designed as a boulevard it was meant to carry a lot of pedestrian traffic and we are hoping to return it to its original purpose.” Adelstein said.

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