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CLAYTON, MO – Washington University is the first university to offer its students, faculty and staff a new mobile safety app at no charge.

“We take safety and security on campus as a priority campus wide and this allows us to provide another safety tool for our students, faculty, staff even our contract employees to protect themselves as they’re on campus and travelling throughout the area” said Washington University Police Chief, Mark Glenn.

The app is called SafeTrek.  The app has grown to be used all around the country and now the Washington University community can use it for free.

“It’s more than just a 911 it also allows people if they’re feeling unsafe, they’re a little weary about walking somewhere they can activate it, hold on to that app, and if there’s an emergency all they have to do is lift their thumb and police are on their way” said Chief Glenn.

When users download and activate the app, they’ll create a unique pin number.  When they want to use the app, the user will hold down a button to start the tracking.  When they release the button, they will be asked to enter their pin.  If they don’t enter the pin, police will be notified and dispatched.

“We’ve basically put a blue light in everyone’s pocket so that no matter where they are around the United States, they can call for help and it will come quickly” said Glenn.

The app is geo-fenced so that if the app is used on campus, Wash U police will be dispatched.  If used outside of the geo-fence, local police will be dispatched.