Watch Colorado’s funny “Drive high, get a DUI” PSAs

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(KTVI) – Colorado is the first state to legalize the sale of marijuana for recreational use. Now, the state is dealing with the regulating and controlling the substance like alcohol. One of the issues they are dealing with is preventing people driving while high. The Colorado Department released three PSAs to send the message, “if you drive high, you can get a DUI.”

The PSAs deliver the message with a hint of comedy. They say that there are a lot of things you are legally allowed to do while high like, playing basketball, hanging a TV or grilling. But, you may not do them well. Driving is off limits.

This is part of a statement the CDOT released with the videos, “In 2012, there were 630 drivers involved in 472 motor vehicle fatalities on Colorado roadways. Of the 630 drivers involved, 286 were tested for drugs. Nearly 27 percent of drivers tested had a positive drug test, with 12 percent testing positive for cannabis.

The official kick-off of CDOT’s new Drive High, Get a DUI campaign includes a series of television commercials that will air during shows targeting males between the ages 21-34, who tend to have the highest number of DUIs. There will also be widespread outreach to rental car companies and dispensaries to inform tourists and marijuana users about marijuana driving laws in Colorado.”

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