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CLAYTON, Mo. – Many area schools are releasing specific guidelines for students to head back to school this fall over the next week. Parents will be asked to make a choice over whether to send their kids to classrooms or learn from home over the next few weeks. St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page says it will not be an easy decision.

All of the guidelines for reopening schools are subject to change. It is based on the community’s ability to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

There is a record number of new COVID-19 cases in the nation and the St. Louis region. Many of these new cases are in young people and frequently they are asymptomatic. They may spread the disease to older people without their knowledge.

St. Louis County will not be expanding reopening, according to Page. The county will remain at 50 percent occupancy. St. Louis City announced that they will not be expanding past 75 percent occupancy last week.

“With more people out and about so is the virus. We are in unprecedented times,” said Page.

St. Louis County Executive Sam Page has spoken to Missouri Governor Mike Parson about the return of students to classrooms. Gov. Parson shared his concerns about keeping kids safe after they return to school. He wants students to attend classes in school buildings.

Page has asked the governor that schools that are mostly virtual or all offer all distance learning are not penalized in state funding or resources.

Many schools are offering a mix of in-school and distance learning. Page is asking parents to choose the virtual option whenever possible. He is also asking parents listen to the guidelines presented by their schools before making a decision.

St. Louis County will announce that federal funds from the CARES Act will be going to support distance learning later this week.