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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Local lawyer Terry Crouppen is making a pitch to slam former Rams owner Stan Kroenke. His law firm, Brown & Crouppen, bought a commercial during Sunday’s big game to broadcast his thoughts about the team moving to Los Angeles.

This is a transcript of the commercial:

“I’m Terry Crouppen. You know my home town, St. Louis. We were loyal to our football team. We bought their tickets, wore their jerseys, and drank their overpriced beer. We cheered them year after losing year. In return, they trashed then left us. Stan, you’re worth 8 billion dollars. That’s not enough? Here’s some free advice. Just because it’s legal and you’re rich enough to do it – that doesn’t make it right. #SlamStan”

Crouppen says in a release that he is a former Rams season ticket owner. He has lived in St. Louis for nearly his entire life.

“I’ve heard from hundreds of friends and strangers in the last few weeks about their disappointment over the Rams’ situation. I couldn’t stand silently by while Kroenke broke our city’s heart with the move to Los Angeles. So I do what I’ve done my entire career: took to the airwaves to advocate on behalf of those who don’t have a say in the matter, but care as deeply as I do.” said Terry Crouppen.

You’ll have to wait until the Super Bowl to see the entire ad. People will definitely be talking about this commercial on Monday.