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FLORISSANT, MO (KTVI) – A Six month old girl is experiencing her first Christmas with sound this year thanks to her new hearing aids.

Her eyes might be following her nana, but now her ears can keep up. This Christmas will be filled with first time sounds for 6-month-old Corlena.

“At her five month mark we went back and tested her again and found out she has hearing loss in both ears.” said Corlena`s Mom Kalonda Cloyd.

For the Cloyd family, it was a heartache when given the news that their little girl would never gain her hearing. That was until December 7th when Corlena heard for the first time, the voices of the familiar faces she`s come to know and love.

“She hears better, you can tell that. She’s excited. I don’t think she likes them so much but she’s learning to work with them.” said Kalonda Cloyd.

The Moog Center for the Deaf and Missouri First Steps is granting her free hearing aids for the next three years.

“Took us about an hour just to learn how to correctly put them in and keep care of them especially at this young age, how to keep them out of her mouth.” said Cori Cloyd.

Friday we followed along as Corlena spent time with her nana and a behind the scenes tour of FOX 2 and KPLR with web producer Danielle Scruggs. Her story went viral after being posted on December 9th. Since then, major news outlets, even some in the U.K. have shared Corlena’s story.

“She can hear me better so whenever I try to call her name or get her attention she just tries to turn around and look at me.” said Kayden Cloyd.

It`s not just in the hearing, but being heard for this 6-month-old.

“She’s very loud. So she’s already been loud but her reaction and her face when she hears herself and different sounds lets us know that she’s hearing better or she’s hearing something she didn’t hear before.” said Kalonda Cloyd.

The family says they’re grateful to be living in the Gateway City, which has more resources for hearing impaired children than most of the U.S.

“It’s very heartwarming when we see that and just to know that she’s able to hear what we hear daily.” said Kalonda Cloyd.

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