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WATERLOO, IL (KTVI)– Waterloo mayor tom smith is charged up about this larger than life aluminum box.

“We’re recycling batteries, and we’ve built a battery recycling box that looks like a battery where people can come up and drop their old batteries off,” says Tom Smith.

That’s a plus, when you don’t have to even get out of your car, just roll down your window and venture up to the 9 volt.

“We could have done a C cell, but we thought the 9 volt characteristics worked better, you know, square at the curb,” says Bill Ebeler, the box designer.

Last year the city spent two thousand dollars so that dead batteries could be dropped off, free of charge for Waterloo residents.

But this isn’t the first time officials were concerned about properly disposing of debris.

From April through October 200 pounds of used medication and expired pill bottles were dropped off in this bin outside the police station.

“Cause people were flushing medicines down the toilet, and that’s bad for the environment,” says Smith.  “Getting a lot of chemicals going down into our water system.  I mean, we’re drinking them.”

The battery houses two five gallon buckets.

Last year, Waterloo spent two thousand dollars to recycle used AA’s, AAA`s, C’s, D’s, 9 volts and even cell phone batteries.

Right now they’re filling up a five gallon bucket a week to be recycled instead of thrown into a landfill.

“It’s for the environment,” says Smith.  “We’re only here for so long.  We need to do something to protect the environment.”

You might say that`s positive progress in this small town.