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ST. LOUIS – Christmas is just days away and many are wondering if St. Louis will see snow for the holiday. Much to the dismay of many, a white Christmas is not in the forecast for our area.

The last time St. Louis saw a white Christmas was in 2017. That is when 3.2 inches of snow fell on December 23-24.

The last time there was a measurable snowfall on Christmas Day was in 2010 when 0.3 inches of snow fell.

So what are the chances of a white Christmas in St. Louis? Weather data shows that the chance there will be more than an inch of snow on the ground is 20%.

The chances drop even more if you are looking for actual snowfall on Christmas Day. There is only a 13% chance of it snowing more than an inch on Christmas Day.

Where to find a white Christmas

So where do you need to go to find a white Christmas? Head to the Rocky Mountains if you want to ensure snow on December 25. It is also a safe bet you will have a white Christmas if you are in Minnesota, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Where’s St. Louis’ snow?

St. Louis hasn’t seen any measurable snow yet this season. Dec. 4 is the average date when the St. Louis area sees the season’s first measurable snow. December’s average snowfall is 4.4 inches.

The last measurable snowfall was April 20 of 2020 with .8 inches of snow. There were traces of snow on November 12 of this year, however, it was not measurable.