WARSON WOODS, Mo. – An EF-0 tornado left a path of mainly tree damage from just northeast of Kirkwood to Warson Woods. The damaged path was about 3 miles long. A hard day’s work of cleanup continued Friday, and the hours stacked up for local crews.

“It’s going to be a long day, probably a good 10 to 11-hour day,” said Bryce Raphael of Top-Notch Tree Services.

Numerous crews worked to clean the tree damage. Kirkwood resident Emily Carter lives a few blocks from the damage and took shelter in her basement.

“We walk by here all the time, and it’s just amazing how quickly your life can change,” said Carter. “In minutes, in a half-hour, everything was over.”

Friday’s clean-up piled on to an already packed workload for those crews.

“I’m still playing catch up from the storms last year. Believe it or not. And we’re over a hundred jobs deep still,” said Meyer. “People have been very patient and understanding with the storms from last year, and now we’re already into the storms this year.”

Up the road in Warson Woods, resident Tom Miller had three large trees fall on his property.

“Crushed one of our cars, a work car,” he said. “And then another work car that we had, a second tree kind of came over and hit that one as well. Quite a bit of damage but luckily everyone was alright. We’ve lived here 20 years, and these trees are probably 60 plus years old, and you just don’t replace 60-year-old trees,” said Miller. “Disappointed about that, but more importantly no one was hurt.”