ST. LOUIS — Metro St. Louis Today: mainly cloudy with a few gaps in the overcast and a sprinkling of snow, windy at times. A high of 34 degrees F with winds from the west at 10-15 mph.

Tonight will be clear and cold, with a low of 22 degrees. Sunday: sunny sky, high of 38, low of 24. Monday: changeable clouds, afternoon flurry, high of 39, low of 26.

Tuesday will be largely cloudy, with a high of 34 and a low of 19. Wednesday: light mix in the afternoon becoming to snow in the evening, high 32, low 18.

Thursday: light snow expected, high of 25, low of 4, accumulation possible (1″ to 4″ early estimate-work in progress) Friday will be mainly overcast with a high of 15.