ST. LOUIS — From destructive tornadoes to historic rainfall and flooding, extreme weather events persist across the country and in our area. In recent months, we’ve witnessed large hail, damaging winds, and an EF1 tornado in Salem, Ilinois. The St. Louis area was hit by a remarkable 12 tornadoes on April 15th.

Expert predicts extreme weather events driven by global warming. In February, Professor Michael Wysession from Washington University made a bold prediction. He highlighted the unmistakable link between global warming and the recent surge in temperature changes.

The rate of warming witnessed today is unprecedented in our planet’s history, and greenhouse gases provide the only plausible explanation. Professor Wysession, an expert in geophysics, emphasizes that as we continue to pump more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, we can expect a rise in extreme weather events.

Blaming greenhouse gases and global warming for the erratic and extreme weather is only the first step. It’s crucial to identify effective solutions and take immediate action. Reversing the course of greenhouse gas emissions and combatting global warming requires a united effort from all of us.