ST. LOUIS – An excessive heat warning takes effect Sunday and stretches through Thursday in the St. Louis region, which could mean several days of record-breaking or record-pushing temperatures.

The FOX 2 weather team is currently tracking the possibility of highs near or above 100 degrees for six consecutive days. Heading into Sunday, these are the forecasted high temperatures for the next six days compared to all-time records.

Aug. 20 (Sunday)100°F104°F
Aug. 21 (Monday)99°F104°F
Aug. 22 (Tuesday)100°F103°F
Aug. 23 (Wednesday)100°F102°F
Aug. 24 (Thursday)102°F103°F
Aug. 25 (Friday)99°F101°F

Temperatures could reach 100°F as early as noon on Sunday. The new workweek, which is also the first school week for many in the St. Louis metro, will see highs near 100°F for several consecutive days. Daily highs could peak around the 3 p.m. hour each day.

In addition to this heat, the humidity will be increasing, so daily heat index values could make it feel as hot as 110 to 115°F outdoors.

There are no immediate signs of heavy rain or severe storms in the forecast next week either. Some relief could be on the way by next weekend, but that remains to be determined.

The St. Louis area appears to be trending toward a heat wave, which is classified by three or more consecutive days with temperatures greater than 90°. So far in 2023, we have seen 42 days over 90°F, but not often consecutively due to an unusual jet stream pattern.

If you plan activities outside, make sure to wear light clothing, limit the time of high exposure activities, use plenty of sunscreen, and have a plan to stay hydrated. Also consider outdoor activities in the early-morning or evening hours.