Lightning video shows six St. Louis towers getting struck at same time


ST. LOUIS– Friday night’s severe weather tore through the region bringing damaging winds and torrential downpours. Lightning also lit up the sky that night.

Dan Robinson, an extreme weather photographer, captured impressive images of lightning during the July 9 storm.

He caught images of upward lightning flashes to TV towers. He said one lightning flash produced strikes to 6 towers.

His video also shows in-cloud and downward positive cloud-to-ground lightning flashes.

NOAA says upward lightning almost always occurs from towers, tall buildings, or mountain tops. This type of lighting is also thought to occur only when there is a rapid change in the charges aloft, most likely due to a very recent lightning strike.

NOAA also says upward-developing discharges are usually branched upward.

You can see more of Dan’s images on his YouTube channel.

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