ST. LOUIS — A slow-moving front will team up with today’s heat to generate scattered clusters of thunderstorms this evening.

The most likely time is now until 10 pm. Because of the very humid air we have in place, any communities hit by one of these slow-moving storms may pick up a quick couple of inches of rain and experience a short period of flash flooding.

The most likely area to see this will be along the south of I-70 in Missouri and Illinois. So, it’s possible we may experience some issues if these storms happen to pop up over the metro again; which is not a sure thing because they will be scattered.

Flood watch for St. Louis area.

A flood watch covers the St. Louis region and most areas along I-70 in Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois. New storms are expected to fire up after 3 pm this afternoon with slow-moving, heavy rain-makers likely. Excessive rain is a distinct possibility in a few spots.

Additional storms are possible Tuesday, although further south into southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois.

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