ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The region is having an incredible start to the month of November. The average temperature over the first nine days of the month is running way above normal. It is now recorded as the third warmest early start to November in more than 100 years of record keeping. 

Don’t let those warm days fool you. This is a month that can flip on a dime, like what we have in the forecast starting tomorrow.  

The sudden arrival of cold can bring some snow. In fact, ten of the last 12 years have experienced at least a trace of snow in November. Four of those recorded measurable snow like 2018 and 2019. 

Remember those years? There was 1.5 inches of snow fell on Veteran’s Day of 2019. Several inches of snow also fell on November 15, 2018. So, snow in early to mid-November is not all that unusual.  

In St. Louis the normal amount of snow for the month of November checks in at just under an inch. But back in 1951 we set the record when 11.3 inches fell. Ten inches of that fell on November 5th.  

The warmest day on record during this month was 86 degrees on November 1, 1937. The coolest November temperature was one degree on the last day of the month in 1964.  

We may be enjoying relatively nice weather to start the month of November, but history tells us this is not a month to be trusted. We’re expecting a major cooldown tomorrow, with more winter-like temperatures.