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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The worst of the multi-day heavy rain event is past us and the small rivers have all crested, for the most part, and are falling. The larger rivers were low to begin with and can easily handle the influx of water from yesterday’s rainfall. The area was near drought before the record rain hit St. Louis.

Today’s round of rain is focused a little more to the south and will bring much-needed precipitation to areas that were left high and dry after the last two events. The stripe of counties just south of the Missouri River desperately need some rain.

How does this impact the flood disaster zone from Tuesday? Some ponding and build-up of water is expected. But nothing like what happened yesterday.

Rainfall of 1 to 2 inches is possible through midday Tuesday for most areas near and south of I-70. Some brief water issues along roads is possible. Be mindful of standing water in low spots during the morning drive.

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