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WEBSTER GROVES, MO – A woman is advertising her need for a kidney transplant through a sign on her car.  Maria Boyle’s car has a sign on the back that says “share your spare.”  She said she has been on the kidney transplant list for two years and hopes the right person will see her sign.

“It would be so life changing for me and I have all these kids that I love,” said Maria Boyle.  “I said to myself I just want my daughter to get through high school and she did and she’s in college now and I have two more kids.”

Boyle was born with a genetic condition called alport syndrome, it leads to loss of kidney function.  She said she had a successful kidney transplant for 12 years, but now she’s found herself back on the waiting list for a new one.

She remembers last time she got a phone call telling her a kidney was ready for her.

“You feel so happy for yourself but you also know there was something sad what happened in the world and that day you know there is a family grieving,” she said.

Boyle said she has had the sign on her car for seven months.  She said she’s had two people call her because they were interested in helping.  Boyle said one woman was tested and wasn’t a match and a man filled out paperwork but she hasn’t heard any updates.

Boyle’s family created a Facebook page called Maria’s Kidney, where people who are interested in donating or learning more about the process can reach out.

​Anybody interested in learning more can contact Boyle’s transplant coordinate at Barnes Jewish at 314-362-5365.