Wentzville non-profit daycare in a bind thanks to flash flooding damage


WENTZVILLE, Mo-“The kids had just laid down for nap throughout the entire building,” said Amelia Vann, with Future Stars Academy. “The receptionist goes, oh look there goes our sign. Flying across the window.”

It made for a rude awakening during Thursday’s naptime. Kids aged 7 months to 6 years old stirred and moved to a storm shelter.

“At that point we just immediately went into panic mode, and we wanted to get the kids safe,” Vann said. “So we immediately woke everybody up.”

The kids moved to the split basement with no windows. Luckily, staying above the lowest level of the basement, which is the level that flooded moments later.

“I noticed that the stairwell was filling up with water.”

The water quickly rushing in, filling the small room creating for a whirlpool, rising above electrical outlets about halfway up to the windows. Luckily, no one in the room, but still a tough loss.

“So anyone with ADHD, ADD, sensory processing disorder, autism, that’s their room,” Vann explained. “So now we have to worry about their equipment. “

Over $2,000 worth of damaged toys. Cleanup is now underway, starting with fans and filtration. Crews removed drywall today. The impact of it all hard on staff and families.

“Lower-income families they’re having to take time off work so they can take care of their kids,” Vann said. “Our teachers are out of work now because obviously we are not getting income from the state because we have no income, so we can’t pay them.”

A Go Fund Me account has started, with the goal of reaching $20,000 to replace essential items, with anything leftover going to help teachers and staff let without an income.

As for the panda, he’s going to be ok.

“We do have a panda that I’m sure everyone has seen in the video,” laughed Vann. “He went through some stuff so we are going to take very good care of him. We are going to restuff him with some fresh stuffing after we wash him up. Then we are going to display him and give him a little plaque or something that says, ‘Survivor of 2021 Flood’.”

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