What’s the most popular pie choice in Missouri


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ST. LOUIS – Forget the pumpkin phenomena, apple pie is a classic according to data compiled by grocery chain Save A Lot. Since 2018, the grocer has determined apple pie to be the most purchase dessert item throughout their locations.

Save A Lot, which has locations in 32 states, said even within the last year it has seen an overwhelming uptick in apple pie sales.

The company’s data shows 61% of states with Save A Lot stores prefer apple pie, 24% prefer pumpkin, and 15 prefer pecan. The data also shows that from 2019-2020, nearly 15% of states changed their purchasing preferences from pumpkin to apple and 8% of the states shifted from pecan to apple.

Here’s the data in list form:

Alabama: Apple

Arkansas: Pecan

Arizona: Apple

Colorado: Apple

Connecticut: Apple

Delaware: Apple

Florida: tie between Apple, Pumpkin, and Pecan

Georgia: Pecan

Iowa: Pumpkin

Illinois: Pumpkin

Indiana: Pumpkin

Kansas: Apple

Kentucky: Pumpkin

Louisiana: Pecan

Massachusetts: Apple

Maryland: Apple

Maine: Apple

Michigan: Apple

Missouri: Apple

Mississippi: Apple

North Carolina: Apple

New Hampshire: Pumpkin

New Jersey: Apple

New York: Apple

Ohio: Pumpkin

Oklahoma: Pumpkin

Pennsylvania: Apple

Rhode Island: Apple

South Carolina: Apple

Tennessee: Pecan

Texas: Pecan

Virginia: Apple

Washington DC: Apple

Wisconsin: Apple

West Virginia: Pumpkin

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