When can we get on a plane again? Representative says more people will be flying soon, with masks


ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Missouri’s sixth congressional district is represented by Congressman Sam Graves. It stretches from Illinois to Kansas along the border with Iowa. It’s a big area with lots of needs.

A St. Joesph meatpacking plant that has at least 400 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Nearly all of the positive cases didn’t show symptoms. FOX 2 asked Graves what he is hearing from people in that area who have good reason to be concerned.

“The problem with packing facilities that they are not conducive to social distancing. They stand shoulder to shoulder there,” said Missouri US Representative Sam Graves. “They are looking at making them safer. We can’t just shut down these plants. The fact of the matter is that people have to be fed.”

Graves is ranking member on the transportation committee and a pilot. Lexi from Kirksville asked, “When do you think we can starting getting on a plane and going on vacation again?”

“The good news is that airlines are requiring masks if you’re flying. We are going to see a lot more people flying,” said Rep. Graves. “A lot of people think that the air is circulated on a plane. It is not. People will just need to practice social distancing.”

The sixth district stretches across the entire top part of Missouri with mostly rural areas. What are the needs in your district that the rest of the state may not realize?

“We have learned that we need access to high-speed internet. You can’t run a modern business without it,” said Rep. Graves. “We are in the middle of the growing season and we can’t shut down business. The virus is not going away. We must practice social distancing and handwashing. That will be the new norm”


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