ST. LOUIS — As shoppers, we can find ourselves looking at our spending or our bank accounts asking ourselves, “Where did all my money go?” Well, there is a way to track where dollar bills go.

On, consumers can make a profile and track their physical dollar bills. Where’s George? is a currency tracker that allows people to enter bills and find out where they came from.

The bills do not only have to be $1.00; Where’s George? tracks bills from series 1969 forward, except for $1 or $2 bills from series 1963 forward.

To enter a bill, log onto the website, make a profile, and click on a button that says that you found a Where’s George bill and want to track it. 

After putting in the serial number, there will be an option to type in a comment on where you found the bill. It is encouraged for users to make a profile so that Where’s George? can send emails letting the user know when the money is entered into the database next. 

Under the website’s Most Entered Bills category, there are different serial numbers to click on that have tracked where the bills have traveled all around the world. 

The creator of Where’s George? stated on the FAQs page that they started this project because it’s fun and no one else has done something like this before. The project has been around since Dec. 23, 1998. 

The site is completely free. The creators note that anyone who would like to support them can check out the “Friends of Where’s George?” program, or people can purchase merchandise from