Who is the elephant in the room? Y98 hosts St. Louis masked singer

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — There is an elephant in the room. Courtney and Company invited a masked singer into the Y-98 studios for a second day this week. This mystery guest dressed as a pachyderm to disguise her identity.

The clues:

  • This person goes to work at “zero-dark thirty.”
  • This person has no athletic ability.
  • This person likes plants so much that they eat them.
  • This person works in two places.
  • While at work this person met a fox.

The mystery guest dressed as an elephant performed the song “Moondance” for the judges and the radio audience.

She is no Rich Gould, when it comes to singing,” said one of the judges after the performance.

The panel guessed the identity of the masked singer after a short round of questions. The called out in unison, “Kim Hudson.”

Apparently, Y-98’s Courtney and Company are huge fans of FOX 2’s 9am Newscast. They told Hudson that it is their dream to be a musical act on the show.

“Oh my gosh. You should totally come,” said Kim Hudson.

You can watch a special two hour “The Masked Singer” Finale Wednesday starting at 7pm on FOX 2.


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