Why Taylor Swift keeps coming back to St. Louis for Thanksgiving

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Taylor Swift has a sweet spot for Thanksgiving in St. Louis. She talked with Good Morning America about why she spends so many of her holidays in Missouri.

“My fondest Thanksgiving memory as a kid was when we used to spend time in St. Louis. My cousins have this house where we have so much family that we have to split into two tables. You have one table in this room, one table in another room and you’re shouting across the rooms to each other. I think in that chaos you find comfort. It is the greatest thing in the world to have all of that family in one room, or two,” Taylor Swift tells ABC News.

Thousands of fans in St. Louis heard about Swift’s fondness for Thanksgiving in St. Louis during her September concert at the Dome at America’s Center.

“Oh St. Louis, Missouri,” she said. “I have spent so many Thanksgivings here you have no idea, this is where all of my family is.”

After the crowd cheered Swift, she when on to say, “I am pretty sure that all of that loud screaming is all of my family members who are here tonight.”

“I have so many incredible memories in this city, a lot of them are on stage, a lot of them are off stage.”

Taylor Swift posted this video from her Thanksgiving in town a few years ago.

Swift doesn’t spend every Thanksgiving in St. Louis. E! News has a detailed article about where she has celebrated the holiday since 2010. We know she last celebrated Thanksgiving in St. Louis in 2014. She celebrated Christmas in Missouri in 2016 and surprised a 96-year-old veteran with a home visit and performance.

So, maybe we’re on the rotation this year. But, it could be tricky. She has a concert tonight in Tokyo.


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