ST. LOUIS, MO – The National Weather Service in St. Louis had a little fun with radar Wednesday. Earlier in the morning, the radar caught evidence of birds taking off, shown by circular echos at around 7:00 am on radar. But when they posted it to Twitter, they asked for wrong answers only.

Responses ranged from several early morning flatulence jokes to aliens to Cincinnati Bengals fans yelling out about their team’s chances. FOX 2 meteorologist Angela Hutti even chimed in, wondering if those circular shapes could be Marvel’s Doctor Strange opening magical portals around the St. Louis area.

“I bet you didn’t know they moved the Sanctum Sanctorum to St. Louis. Ever heard of The Magic House?” tweets Hutti.

The National Weather Service responded, “… are you suggesting that Dr. Strange’s winks can cause atmospheric disturbances measurable on radar?”

KMIZ Meterologist Kevin Schneider suggested that National Weather Service St. Louis Warning Coordination Meteorologist Kevin Deitsch was yelling, “Who Dey” at the birds. The reference is about the Cincinnati Bengals who are playing the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship this weekend. The National Weather Service said that they could neither confirm nor deny that.

His suggestion was not too far off. Large groups of birds taking off around sunrise or sunset often can been seen on radar, showing up as circles that grow and disperse. That likely was what was on the radar this morning. Migrations of butterflies and other insects can be detected the same way.