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CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – A husband is busted in more ways than one.

The Chesterfield Police Department said that 45-year-old Tony Coleman of St. Louis stole $7,500 worth of jewelry while he worked as a salesman at Kay Jewelers, formerly housed inside Chesterfield Mall.

Police said the thefts occurred between January and April of 2017.

“Kay Jewelers was doing an inventory which they do on regular occasions and they realized some jewelry was missing,” said Sergeant Keith Rider, “and certain events led them to believe that it may have involved a subject named Tony Coleman.

Rider said that the stolen items included two rings and a bracelet.

“The investigation revealed that he was giving some of this jewelry to the mistress,” said Rider, “she contacted the wife and everything was found out then. Mr. Coleman took back what he had given her and we have not recovered the jewelry at this time.”

The department said that when officers tracked him down, Coleman denied stealing from the jewelry store but admitted to having an extramarital affair.

“When the wife and the girlfriend found out, it really helped us out and were being cooperative with us and it did not help him at all,” Rider went on to say.

FOX 2 stopped by Mrs. Coleman’s home late Thursday evening, but she declined to speak with us on camera. However, she told us that when she became aware about the affair and the thefts back in April, the couple immediately separated.

In a statement to FOX 2, Kay Jewelers cooperate offices said: “It’s our policy not to comment on employee matters and would refer you to the police report for any information.”