Winning $2 million lotto ticket purchased in Fenton

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FENTON, MO - A brand new millionaire may be walking around Fenton and not even know it.  Someone purchased a lucky Missouri lottery ticket at a convenience store there.
Customers at the QuikTrip on Hawkins Road know what they’d do if their ticket matched all six numbers in the recent Saturday night draw.

Tedd Moore plays the lottery. He said he’d, “retire, retire that’d be nice.”

QuikTrip workers were hoping the winner is a generous soul, “I’ll remember you, that’s what they always say. What’s your name? I’ll remember you when I win big. I ’ve never been in a situation where anyone’s won or comeback so II guess we’ll see,” said Anyssa Sexton, QuikTrip manager.

The mother of a young man who just turned 18 has hope. Her son used some of his Christmas money to purchase lotto tickets for the first time Saturday, “We don’t know what he bought,” said Tamara Kesselring.

Folks at the lottery advise winners to sign the ticket immediately and keep it in safe place until you turn it in, “The odds-on Missouri lotto are a lot better than they are on Powerball and Mega Millions’ jackpots. They don’t climb as high as they do on Powerball and Mega Millions,” said May Scheve Reardon, Executive Director of the Missouri Lottery.

It appears the odds on the Missouri lottery game are close to one hundred times better than the big national games.


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