Winter storm wreaks havoc on area transportation

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ST. LOUIS - The latest blast of winter left plenty of problems in its wake. Roads were a mess, cars were slip-sliding off highways and there were delays at St. Louis Lambert International Airport.

Missouri State Troopers reported 152 crashes in the district surrounding the St. Louis area, 13 of those crashes resulted in injuries.

We spotted two cars in the median of Interstate I-170 facing the wrong way. Emergency lights seemed to be flashing everywhere. Diana Hill was heading home from work as the snow fell, “I’m kind of scared of the highways right now, otherwise I’m good. I have new tires,” said Hill.

At the airport, the arrival and departure board showed two dozen delayed flights late Sunday afternoon.

Out on the runways, front loaders with plows attached would clear one runway, while planes took off and landed on the other runway. And, then they would all switch. It was quite an operation to keep things moving at the airport.

Valerie Smith was flying to Seattle, “Ultimately, I think they’re pretty prepared you know they’re probably use to this is so I would think they have a game plan,” said Smith.

Despite all the problems some folks loved the taste of winter. Oliver Joensson liked the wintry weather, “I’m from Sweden originally so I would say I like it. I asked how Americans drive in the snow compared to Swedes. He said, “Not very good.” And, he laughed.


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