Winter Watch – Thousands affected by first major snowfall as schools close early

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ST. LOUIS – It did not take a lot of snow to have an impact on many people in the St. Louis-area. Classes were not canceled Monday morning but by this afternoon, students got out early in some districts.

The buses in the Parkway School District hit the roads and hour early Monday afternoon. Officials decided it was best for the 17,000 students to go home early.

“Getting everyone out before rush hour will help out a lot. Also, a lot of our students, high school students, it’s the first time they may have driven in inclement weather so a good idea to get them off the road as soon as possible too,” said Cathy Kelly, a spokeswoman for the Parkway School District.

By early Monday afternoon, Missouri state troopers reported 61 accidents in the region they cover. They said that it is a few more than they see on a typical Monday. There were plenty of vehicles on the sides of the roads. The folks at MoDOT are hopeful there will not be any re-freezing overnight and a smooth rush hour in the morning.

“It shouldn’t be a problem with this storm because there’s a minimal amount of moisture on the pavement and it will go away it should go away fairly quickly,” said Bob Becker, a St. Louis District Engineer with MoDOT.

Folks broke out the snow shovels and people needed ice scrapers to clean off cars and trucks.

Winter weather—love it or hate it—this snowfall seemed early.

Yvette Shepherd feared an early snowfall as an omen.

“I think we’re in for a bad winter a harsh winter,” she said.

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