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CHESTERFIELD, MO – A woman is now charged with murder after police say she hit and killed a man with a vehicle.  Investigators believe that she intentionally ran her boyfriend over with a truck, striking him at least twice.

“It was very terrifying at the moment because I didn’t know what happened,” said Steven Pappas, worker.

He was at work Friday afternoon when he saw an ambulance rush into the parking lot, so he went to check it out.

“I saw a hat and a shoe, and then 10 feet away from that was a person’s body,” said Pappas.

Police say 40-year-old Matthew Baker died after his girlfriend, Kathryn Marsh, ran him over with a Dodge Ram truck.

“We started talking to witnesses and once we talked to the driver a bit we realized it was a little more than just an accident,” said Sergeant Keith Ryder,  Chesterfield Police Department.

Police say Marsh is now charged with second-degree murder.  They believe she intentionally hit him with the vehicle at least twice.

“I’m not sure of the sequence of events, but I do know that he was physically run over besides being struck,” said Ryder.

Police say the couple dated for several years and live together in Villa Ridge.
They say the family indicated there may have been some domestic issues, but police are still trying to determine what caused this.

“I didn’t hear any yelling or any loud noises that’s why I thought it was so weird, but two hours after the incident a detective came in here and was asking me if one of the two people in the accident were intoxicated because apparently one of them came into the store earlier that evening,” said  Pappas.

Police say they tested Marsh for drugs and alcohol and they’re waiting on the results.