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ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis mother discovered her 2-month-old daughter covered in bruises when she picked her up from a babysitter, according to court documents. Those bruises ended up being serious injuries.

Angela Bruckner, 35, faces charges of abuse or neglect of a child.

St. Louis City charging documents say the baby’s mother left her child with Bruckner for a 6-day period between January 27th to February 1st at a home in the 2600 block of California Avenue. When she picked her baby up and saw the bruising, she immediately sought medical attention.

According to court documents, physicians determined “the child suffered from a possible skull fracture, multiple brain bleeds, a cerebral edema, multiple bruises to the child’s cheeks and ears, bruising to eyelids, a scleral hemorrhage to her right eye, bruising to her right upper arm and lower leg and bruising to her abdomen”.

Court documents indicate the abuse may not have happened while the baby was in Bruckner’s care but that Bruckner “neglected the child by failing to seek medical attention”.

The probable cause statement further explains Bruckner “admitted to having observed bruising on the child and other symptoms consistent with medical distress” while she was caring for the baby and that she “had concerns for the child but failed to seek medical care for the child over the course of 24 hours”.

The St. Louis City Prosecutor’s Office wants to make it clear that Bruckner is not responsible for caring for any other children as part of a daycare service.

The case is under active investigation.