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KIRKWOOD, Mo. – A very close call for a man whose wheelchair got stuck on the train tracks in Kirkwood was all captured on video.

Julie Flanders and her brother, Chandler, were stopped at the train crossing when Julie noticed a woman running towards the tracks. They saw that the woman was running towards a man in a wheelchair who was stuck.

Julie and her brother Chandler jumped out of their car.

She said the man’s wife was trying to push the wheelchair but not having any luck, so the woman who ran over, picked him up and pulled him off the tracks. Seconds later, the train went through the crossing.

By the time Julie and Chandler got to the man, the train was passing and they helped everyone move further away.

They said that don’t know the name of the woman who ran over first or where she came from, but credit her for being the true hero.

“I want to applaud her, too, for being selfless. She noticed and went and helped someone she didn’t even know,” Julie said.

The safety director at the Kirkwood train station said they have had a few close calls this week with people not paying attention to signals and signs.