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O’FALLON, MO (KTVI) – A woman in O’Fallon, Missouri, shoots and kills a man inside her home. Police are still at the scene. The initial police call was for a burglary in progress just after 12 p.m. in the 1200 block of Little Brave Drive.

That was at 12:10 p.m. Neighbors reported hearing a series of loud thumps or bangs, like someone beating a carpet at least a half hour earlier. They’re wondering if what they heard was gunfire.

The home is owned by Pamela and Mark Hupp. She was a central figure in the 2011 Faria murder trial. You can read more about that case here.

Here is what police are telling us so far: A female resident reported a burglary, had a confrontation with a man inside the house and shot him dead. Police point out there may be more to this, than what the woman is telling them.

“We responded for a call of a burglary in progress. While in route, we were informed that the victim shot the subject, who she had a confrontation with, inside of her house. Currently we have an active investigation. We are looking at all aspects of this,” a police officer tells Andy Banker. “All we know is what we were provided via the 911 call from the victim and what we have in front of us. We’ll be investigating both the victim and the suspect and the incident as a whole.”

Police have not identified any of the parties involved. It’s not clear if the woman suffered any injuries.

It’s been very unsettling for residents, who can’t drive to their homes. The school bus drop-off was re-routed because of the shooting.